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NRIs from Telangana celebrate Bonalu in London
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Telangana Association of United Kingdom (TAUK) conducted “London Bonalu Celebrations” on a grand scale.Event was held at Isleworth and Syon School auditorium in west London.

About 1,000 NRIs from Telangana living in various parts of the UK attended the event, for which West London wore a festive look.

Chief guests & artists for the event were Telangana State Special Representative in Delhi Tejavath Ramchandru, First Secretary to Indian High Commissioner Vijay Vasanta, Hounslow Deputy Mayor Mukesh Malhotra and Telangana’s famous artist Bithirri Satti.

The NRIs recreated the ambience of ‘Lashkar’ in Secunderabad where Bonalu is celebrated fervently every year.

The main attraction was the women carrying Bonam across several streets of London. Several local Englishmen joined in the celebrations.

Tejavath Ramachandru said he felt glad to be part of this grand celebration of Telangana’s festival Bonalu. He was there with his family. He appreciated the role of Telangana NRIs in the Telangana separation movement and in promoting Telangana culture in a foreign land.

“Telangana government is always willing to support Telanganites, wheresoever they may be living,” said Ramachandru.

Vijay Vasatna said the Telangana community in UK is enthusiastic about social events. He appreciated the TAUK group for their support to several cultural activities and to the community in UK and back home.

TAUK president Pavitra Kandi said TAUK is committed to promote Telangana culture on a global platform, and thanked Nizamabad MP Kalvakuntla Kavitha for her guidance and support in organising several cultural activities.

TAUK founder Anil Kurmcahalam said he had been participating in these Bonalu celebrations for seven years now, and went on to thank the local authorities for allowing the celebrations.

He appealed everyone to support handloom weavers, and the gathering joined him in taking an oath that they would always support the Telangana government in promoting local weavers, especially the initiative to wear Handlooms on every monday by Telangana Minister KTR.

Noted Telangana artist Bithiri Satthi alias Ravi Chevella entertained the gathering with his comedy and other cultural activities too appreicated by


Authentic Telangana food is served and everyone enjoyed the event thouroughly.

Finally, TAUK members felicitated all the Guests including Telangana State Special Representative in Delhi Tejavath Ramchandru, First Secretary to Indian High Commissioner Vijay Vasanta, Hounslow Deputy Mayor Mukesh Malhotra and Telangana’s famous artist Bithirri Satti with shawl and presented the memento.

Mrs. Supraja Pulusu hosted the event and key organisers were Ashok Kumar Dusari, Naveen reddy, Rathnakar kadudula, Vikram Reddy Rekula, Gopal Mekala, Seru Sanjay.

This event was attended by Founder Anil Kurmachalam, President - Pavithra Reddy Kandi ,

Advisory Board Chairman - Gopal Mekala, Matta Reddy Vanteddu,Venkat Reddy Dontula , Venu Nakkireddy, Swathi Budagam ,Seru sanjay, Srikanth Peddiraju,Vikram Reddy Rekula, Ashok Dusari, Rathnakar kadudla, Naveen Reddy, Srikanth Jella, Hari Goud Nawapet , Madhusudhan Reddy,Naveen Kumar Bhuvanagiri, Rajesh Vaka, Shashidhar Reddy Palle, Malla Rajesh Varma, Srinivasa Rao Kireety,Snehalatha Kotaru,Aravind Reddy,Jithendar Reddy Beeram,Satheesh Gottemukkula,Ravi Pradeep Pulusu,Ranjith Kumar Chathraju,Praveen Kumar Veera,Sumadevi Purumanani,Supraja Pulusu,Pravallika Bhuvanagiri,Priyanka Reddy Nakkireddy,Kranthi Ratineni,Swetha Mahendar,Swetha Reddy,Sathya Chilumula,Sree Sravya Vandanapu,Jahnavi Vemula,Shailaja Jella,Vamshi Vandanapu,Harideep Reddy Ireddy,Ganesh Pastam,Malla Reddy,Rakesh Patel,Satyapal Reddy Pingili,Sridhar Rao Takkalapelly,Suresh Budagam,Satyam Reddy Kandi,Srinivas Mekala,Ravi Ratinenei,SaiKumar Burugupally,Sridharkumar Reddy Nainakanti,Narendra Babu Kotaru,Venu Gopal Nibbaragandla

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  • Anil Kurmachalam
  • Founder's Message
  •       I am very excited about the new initiative and future of TAUK. As an organization we have created strong objectives to do service to the community in UK and back home. This is not a time to be complacent or think that we have achieved the level of recognition that we have earned...

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  • Pavithra Kandi
  • President's Message
  •    Great initiative by the passionate Telanganites to create one big platform for all Telanganites living in UK to build Banagru Telangana. Feel prestigious and proud to be part of the team....