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About Us


Our Mission: "Bringing every passionate social activist together to make the difference to the community", identify and address cultural, social and educational needs.

Telangana Association of United Kingdom (or TAUK, Pronounced as Taak) a UK registered non-profit organization formed by the Telangana Non Resident Indians (NRIs) living in UK.

TAUK founded under the stewardship of prominent Telangana NRI Leaders from UK, who were actively part of the recent historic Telangana movement not only as individual(s), but by creating many TNRI groups and leading it the forefront.

They were looked as the pioneers and role model not only by community in UK but whereas Telangana community across globe for their tireless dedication, commitment & innovative way in organising peaceful demonstrations & On-road protests in UK demanding "Separate Telangana State". Telanganites and Indian ethnic organizations across UK widely respect them for their various innovations in promoting culture, involving in re-building Telangana and serving the community in UK and Telangana.

TAUK - Objectives

Our membership is open to every enthusiastic Telanganite living in UK to serve the community.

Our main objective, selfless love and service without any distinction of religion, nationality, race, socio-economic status, either for those who work in the Organisation or for those who are served by us.

We serve Telangana community across UK through cultural, spiritual, social, and educational activities; to solicit, collect, and disburse funds for needy to meet the goals of the organization.

To preserve, propagate, and perpetuate the cultural heritage of Telangana.

Multiculturalism have become a common concept right across the world. People migrate from one part of the world to another for better life and job opportunities. As a result, the cultural diversity has become prevalent everywhere. TAUK will organise events during Ramadan, Christmas and other important UK events to display our respect & acceptance towards every religion and culture.

We partner and liaise with Telangana Govt to market "Brand Telangana" on global stage in different areas (Development, Tourism & Cultural, Investments, Education, etc).

Conduct seminars and workshops on education, immigration, career and women empowerment.

Invite prominent Telangana intellectuals, Politicians and upcoming Telangana artists for our events in UK, so that Telangana people across UK as well as the local connoisseurs can savor the brilliance of Telangana culture & arts.

We have strong commitment to invite and encourage atleast one upcoming poor Telangana artist every year to UK.

Encourage and honour individuals actively involved in philanthropic and service activities.

In the interest of community and organisation, we are always ready to collaborate with like-minded groups where service to community is taken as priority and it should benefit each other by maintaining mutual respect with right spirit.

We are aiming to bring majority professionals such as doctors, Research-scientists, businessmen, engineers, information technologists, entrepreneurs, pharmacists, professors, teachers and highly skilled workers on to our TAUK board, to support the organisation with right vision and help community in UK and back home Telangana with their knowledge and wisdom.

TAUK nurtures and encourages entrepreneurship among Telanganites by organising Business Conferences in UK.

We have better understanding about the Telangana families migrated to Middle-East, we will work with Gulf based groups to support “Gulf Victims” and extend support on high priority.

Address the needs and concerns that affect the everyday lives of Telangana people living in UK and assist them in every possible manner.

TAUK will be engaged in many social activities in UK & Telangana. Our members will volunteer their time, efforts and other resources to community service.

As responsible Indians living in UK, we involve in National level- Indian festivals & events, and take part in disaster relief activities across India & the world.

TAUK will play an important strategic role in Telangana community being recognized at all the diplomatic and other levels in UK.

We organise Summer and winter sports events inviting different communities in UK to bring harmony and brotherhood among each other. Networking and Family Get-Togethers will strengthen strong bond with in the team members families and opportunity to build new relation from the community, later will be useful to support each other (Personally, Professionally & Socially)

Our objectives and vision are created by making “Humanity” as priority above all other things

Come join us “Together lets make a Difference”

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  • Anil Kurmachalam
  • Founder's Message
  •       I am very excited about the new initiative and future of TAUK. As an organization we have created strong objectives to do service to the community in UK and back home. This is not a time to be complacent or think that we have achieved the level of recognition that we have earned...

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  • Pavithra Kandi
  • President's Message
  •    Great initiative by the passionate Telanganites to create one big platform for all Telanganites living in UK to build Banagru Telangana. Feel prestigious and proud to be part of the team....